Nur-Sultan is constantly changing and rapidly expanding: new buildings appear every year and every time you visit, the city may seem quite different from what you remember from the last time.

From futurism to classic

New center of Nur-Sultan, with wide avenues and unusual buildings, wasbuilt from scratch on the left bank of the Esil River (also spelled as Ishim);whereas the right bank of the river, with its calm and cozy atmosphere, still preservesthe memory of the past.

During sightseeing on the left bank, you can visit:

  • Baiterek Tower, with a viewing platform at 97 meters. The building embodies a legend about a mythical tree of life and a magic bird Samruk.
  • Khan Shatyr, the largest tent-shaped building in the world, is a shopping mall, with restaurants, entertainment, and even an indoor beach.
  • Nur-Alem, Future Energy Museum in the form of a sphere, each floor of which demonstrates different sources of energy.

The other part of the city contrasts quite noticeably with the left bank: oldbuildings and sights of the XIX century and Soviet period seem to take you intothe past; however there is also a new district with the same unusual views andwide streets as on the left bank. Some of the sights worth seeing are:

  • Saken Seifullin Museum (the oldest building in the city), First Muslim School (today the building of a bank), trading house of merchant Matvey Kubrin (today Astana shop), merchant Vasily Kubrin’s house (State Archive), merchant Moiseev’s house (a hospital), etc., which were all built more than 100 years ago.
  • ‘Old square’ on the right bank, and Beibitshilik avenue for a taste of the Soviet history.
  • The snow-white mosque Hazret Sultan, the largest mosque in Central Asia, or the Palace of Peace and Accord in the form of a sparkling pyramid.

We would also recommend to visit The Astana Opera and the Astana Ballettheatres, multi-genre repertoires of which are constantly enriched withmasterpieces of world classics and modern performances.

This is only a few of the activities that the capital of Kazakhstan has prepared for you. We definitely recommend staying here for longer in order to discover more.

«Baiterek» – the main symbol of Astana


Palace of Peace and Consent


Opera and Ballet Theatre «Astana Opera»


“Nurzhol” boulevard


«Hazrat Sultan» Mosque


Atyrau bridge


Monument «Kazakh Eli»